The Building Blocks of an Innovative State

Check out this lesson I did with Zana, a Silicon Valley incubator for entrepreneurs, on how data, innovation, and technology can be employed to fix some of the largest civic issues that we face today and how to create a better public/private interface.


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Innovative Steps from the White House - Obama Names Megan Smith Next CTO

This week, Obama named Google's Megan Smith  as the next Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

The principal role of the CTO is to foster greater improvement in the interface between the public and private sector, and Megan's experience with Google makes her a perfect candidate for the position.

What a statement for our country that our third CTO was a woman in a profession in which we've seen a lot of room for improvement to bring more women into the science and technology field. I am very excited about this development and look forward to hearing about the work Megan Smith and the Obama administration accomplish together.

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Innovative State on Google Talks

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Innovative State on the Daily Show


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Innovative State on The Cycle ~ MSNBC


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Innovative State on Morning Joe ~ MSNBC


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Innovative State on Squawk the Street ~ CNBC


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Advance Praise for Innovative State

“Aneesh Chopra is an innovator, and an inspiration. Read his book to learn a ton of terrific news about what has been happening in American government, and about what might happen in the future. Prepare to be inspired!” —Cass Sunstein, Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard University

“For years, Aneesh Chopra has been at the forefront of integrating modern technologies from the private sector into government, to the benefit of all Americans. With Innovative State, he takes us on the journey that led to where we are today and shows us how far we have to go.” —Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

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Innovative State available for pre-order

Innovative State - How New Technologies Can Transfrom Government is now available for pre-ordering! You can pre-order Innovative State from:

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